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Are you looking for someone to help with your hair braiding? If you are trying to find a hair salon in Washington, DC, come to Laura's Hair Braiding & Spa. We specialize in hair extensions, dreadlocks, dread maintenance and much more. Our staff is very experienced and is sure to leave you satisfied with the way you look. We have the experience and skill that will have you coming back. When you want to make sure your hair looks as amazing as possible and you need help with managing it, call on our hair braiding team. For a great service in Washington, DC, call on Laura's Hair Braiding & Spa.

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Do you love the look of long, natural dreadlocks and want to get them yourself? Do you already have dreadlocks that need some maintenance? Then come and visit us here at Laura’s Hair Braiding & Spa. We’re experts in styling dreadlocks and can give you advice on how to care for them. Located in Washington DC, Laura’s Hair Braiding & Spa is a comfortable salon for both men and women. We offer a wide range of treatments and styling options for natural hair, including dreadlocks, braiding, and more. We’ll make your hair look amazing

Faux Braids

Do you love the look of long braids or locs but don’t have the length for them yet? Don’t worry; with faux braids from Laura’s Hair Braiding & Spa, we can give you the look without you having to grow out your hair. Our faux braids look and feel natural and luxurious. We offer faux braids made from authentic human hair, yarn, and synthetics like Marley hair. Also, if you already have a set of faux braids that you want to have braided into your hair, we can do it for you. You’ll love how you look with long faux braids!

Braid Locs

Are you interested in growing locs but want to style your hair in a way that’s attractive and fun in the meantime? Then braid locs are a great way of getting your hair started. Here at Laura’s Hair Braiding & Spa, we specialize in styling braid locs for our clients, which they can maintain and soon turn into locs. Located in Washington DC, we are experienced and passionate about making our clients feel great about how they look. Whether you’re just now learning how to style your natural hair or just want to try something new, Laura’s Hair Braiding & Spa has you covered!

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